I am a photographer based in Portland, Oregon. Originally from the Boston area, I've been in Portland for a few years and have been studying photography at Mount Hood Community College.

Before moving to Portland, I was a business student and had kept my creative interests to the side. I mostly explored art through drawing and painting until I moved and had to leave most of my supplies behind. The beautiful and interesting city inspired me to explore and start taking more pictures so I decided to really pursue photography. 

Through developing my technical skills I've learned how to take control of a set in the studio and to instinctively compose scenes out in the world. Editing has also opened up a whole new world to me and enabled me to accomplish images I had only dreamed about back when I worked with paint and canvas. 

I strive to create truthful yet imaginative images that show the world around us in a new way. 



phone: 774-303-6194